iSAM NA. The specialists for individual process automation

We deliver innovation. Every single day. Because when we automate industrial processes, we are constantly searching for optimization through custom software solutions and cross-plant planning. The objective: to improve your performance and value creation with fully reproducible results.

Automation technology should be designed to fit

Process automation is now essential in many different industries. But using off-the-shelf solutions and siloed concepts can often lead to disharmonious processes, unused synergies and, ultimately, increased costs.

With iSAM® software, you can realize your potential to add new value, enjoy smoother processes and maximize plant availability – throughout the process chain.
Custom process automation with iSAM: innovation has never been more moving.

Your Challenge is our mission

iSAM is a team of interdisciplinary experts. That’s what makes us special. Achieving perfect solutions requires perfect collaboration between diverse personalities with diverse skills. Each of us is a specialist in our field. Together, we can understand your production process in depth and create tangible improvements in both productivity and quality – constantly informed by new operational experience.